Getting Your Investing Sails right Before You Go to Sea:  11 Fundamental Concepts

In the last couple of weeks, I have written many posts on starting a business or making investment decisions, with the idea that sound investments can be a way to raise capital for business and also maintain financial stability. Over time, I observed there are fundamentals critical to your understanding of trading/Investing that I sort […]

Value Investing: The Philosophy That Gets you Investing like Warren Buffett

Prices in themselves are not appropriate determinants of value, this is one of the core principles of value investing and after examining this idea thorougly, you’ll see this principle cannot be denied. Consider this example If I went to a store and got two items one for $40 and the other for $90 dollars. You […]

Charlotte Bronte’s Poem On Life

LIFE, believe, is not a dreamSo dark as sages say;Oft a little morning rainForetells a pleasant day.Sometimes there are clouds of gloom.But these are transient all;If the shower will make the roses bloom,O why lament its fall? Rapidly, merrilyLife’s sunny hours flit by,Gratefully, cheerilyEnjoy them as they fly! What though Death at times steps inAnd […]

A Dozen Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Creative Business

A valuable product or service is integral to starting your creative business. Still, to run and manage your business successfully, you need to consider a dozen other factors such as: Selecting a business model. Seeking the help of a business consultant. Selecting a business name. Branding Business Plants or Business Blueprints? Rates and Fees Negotiations […]

Thinking Out Loud

The greatest obstacle to living is expectation, which depends on tomorrow and waste today Seneca I have been thinking a lot about this quote from Seneca, and how expectation can contribute to feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness. As far as I can remember I have always looked into the future for some pieces of […]

Entrepreneur vs Employee: The Truth that’s Unique to You

Recently, I have seen so many messages that try to motivate entrepreneurs while faulting the value of a full-time job.  It’s a flawed perspective, but not exactly surprising. We ask children “What do you want to be in future?” Ignoring the obvious fact that “although a person may not be everything, a person can be […]

How To Live A Life You Love

You know that obsessing over tomorrow isn’t going to make it better, contrarily it produces the opposite effect. You also know that having ambition doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be the greatest of all time or the best there ever was. Ambition can be wanting a healthy mind and body, a happy home or […]

The Foundations of A Successful Investment

Every time the word investment is mentioned most people immediately think of the stock market, crypto, real estate and the likes. You probably do too and you are not wrong. But, investment in its most simple form means “using an asset you own to generate future profits” and assets don’t always mean money; sometimes it […]

How to Create and Evaluate your Business Strategy for Success

Most of us are too busy “doing” that we rarely take out time to plan and reflect. Picture this: David spends all of his time baking bread and curating his display window. He wonders why he gets only 4 customers daily while his competitor, 5 blocks away pulls in the same number in 2 hours. […]

Crazy John’s Founder on Principles of Success and Happiness

In what became one of his final interviews before his death, Crazy John’s founder John Ilhan sat with Reuben Buchanan to discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur -how he did it. Using this interview and others, journalists Nick Gardner and Stephen Corby came up with the following Golden rules for success. Always […]

A Simple Guide To Becoming An Online Business Broker

The number of people who want to go into businesses is increasing every day, however starting a business from scratch is difficult and the work involved is unappealing to most people, they’d rather buy an established one. This is where business brokers come in. Business brokers assist buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in […]


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